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We had many encounters here.
Really fun!

Zak Bagans and Crew

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Omg Sharon!  We had a great time last night.  My husband is upset he couldn't stay, but he was called into work that weekend at the last minute.  He loved it there.  Because of that, we are coming back again.  I am bringing more friends who want to experience your amazing place.  You truly have a gem in this place.  Thank you for allowing us to go through your property!  I can't say enough about your place.  Thank you for all the history and your knowledge.......Rolling Hills ROCKS!  
Debbie Talarico

My husband and I were there for Para-Fest last year and it was just awesome. We loved the mini tour of Rolling Hills, the guests, auction, and vendors. It was exciting and also very educational to hear the history of  RHA. Spreading the word about your awesome place and how
unforgettable our experience was. So very glad we did it and will return for sure. Thank you for one of those memories that we will carry for life! Lori Swanson

Incredible. Beautiful place full of history. Sharon knows her stuff and was an awesome host. Will go back every chance I get!
Maggie Flynn

First, I wanted to thank you on behalf of my team for your hospitality. We had a blast and a ton of experiences. Our first EVP was captured 2:40 into our first recording. That bode well for the rest of the night! :) We had a fantastic investigation at Rolling Hills during our Quarantine Hunt. Lot's of great experiences including seeing shadows, disembodied voices, footsteps and several of our investigators experienced being touched...  all within 5 minutes of starting the tour. Sharon, you have a very special place there. Thanks so much for your hospitality. We will let you know once we've sifted through all of our audio/video. Can't wait to see you again!
Jeff Breckenridge, Resonance Paranormal

I had great time on the night of June 5th!!! Would love to go again!
Josh Dosch

Last summer we made our first trip to Rolling Hills and we came all the way from Florida. On the car ride over I was a bit scared but after the amazing historical tour by Sharon I felt at home and at ease. My heart went out to the past residence and all I felt was a sense of family. Our visit was amazing we have a picture of Roy, many orbs and witnessed flashlights going on and off. It was real and the lights were not loose to make this happen (as some skeptics suggest). I know they were not loose because I accidentally kicked the person's flashlight, that was conducting the session, across the room and I retrieved it and put it back for them. We left that evening with a sense of wanting to stay or return the next day but I wasn't able due to having to return to Florida. We had such an amazing experience we have made sure to include it again this year as part of our trip to NY and we are bringing an additional family member. I would go every week if I lived in NY. If you live close I highly recommend you take a trip over and enjoy this amazing place! You will NOT be disappointed!

We were there last fall. The experiences I had were amazing, and I can't wait to go back! We are booked in for a quarantined and a captive session this fall. If we were closer (central VT) we would be there often. Thank you for being so gracious!
Fred Woolworth

I always feel a sense of peace when I am there. Kate is a great guide and volunteer as well (but I am biased). It is always amazing to see skeptics in awe when a flashlight is turned on by those invisible to our naked eye. Sharon, thank you for investing the money and time to preserve Rolling H
Brenda Crabtree

What a great experience it was to interact with the spirits at RHA. I am a skeptic turned believer. I can't wait to go back. The volunteers and owner were able to give lots of history, information about the rooms and paranormal encounter stories. Only complaint is going to the spooky outhouse. Via RHA Mngt. -  outhouse is minty fresh has a light  &  we've been told its the cleanest  anyone has ever been in :)

We were there in May of 2013. Our team, Staten Island Paranormal Research, had a great time. Sharon is an amazing host, she made us feel at home. The activity here is amazing. We captured some really nice evp's and had a few hair raising personal experiences. We loved out time there that we booked another night in August. Can't wait until August!!!
Marie D.

My friend and I had our first visit in 5/13. Although we didn't get alot of activity, I really enjoyed it! It was my first venture out after recovering from an illness that almost made me a ghost! I can't wait until my return visit! Thanks Sharon for allowing me to have this experience! hope to see you again real soon!!
Lisa Ellis

I plan on coming back to RHA sometime in August.
Zach Taylor

Thank you for the amazing time! I really enjoyed it with my friend Rich!
Jessica Jeraci

All I have to say is wow!!!! Completely amazing. Will definitely be making a return trip in near future!
Craig Light

Best evidence ever Rolling Hills Asylum!
Jerry Zevallos

What an a amazing evening!
Cathie McGarry

To those reading this entry: This is an amazing building with amazing and historical importance. I am a slight skeptic. Slight because I have had experiences that cannot be explained by rational means. My team of three consists of a solid skeptic, a believer, and me, the in-betweener. Having been to Rolling Hills, and returning again this fall, I can honestly say that this facility and the dedication of Sharon make it a truly unique experience. Not to mention that the history of poor houses in our country deserves more recognition.  So, if you haven't been to Rolling Hills, it is a worthy visit, not only for the ghostly hunting, but also to hear and learn about the history of the average poor house and those that had the misfortune of living in one. A truly fascinating and often sad, bit of American history, thankfully preserved at this facility through its owner.
Sarah Porter

Great seeing you, Sharon!  Definitely cant wait to come back to RHA!
Daniel Hooven, Bio Channels. Haunted Encounters
and Travel Channel's Paranormal Challenge

 I finally finished up my video from the March 9th ghost hunt at Rolling Hills! I think I captured a few interesting evps, some of the clearest ones being mostly children voices, some interesting bangs/knocks/noises too. The morgue, or as our group called it 'the suit room,'  was pretty neat! To  have the suit move when I was talking behind it was great. The chapel felt like it was ready to come alive with energy, it was the second time that night that a person in my group got touched. Overall it was an exciting evening, I will be coming back for sure, most likely in the fall when I get more vacation days. Thanks again!
Adam Rice

Just got back from the Rolling Hills Asylum Investigation!!
What an awesome place!!
Eric Williamson, Collective Paranormal Research Society

We had a great investigation at the Asylum last night and will be back again. Thanks for being so helpful and informative Sharon!
Staten Island Paranormal Research

AMAZING!! Grwoling in the hallways, flashlight activity in the butchers room, and a 45 minute flashlight assisted conversation with Jack in the laundry that was one of the most memorable experiences of my life!! Can't wait to go back!!!
Keli Rae Walker

Thank you so much, Sharon, today was fantastic! We completely enjoyed every moment!
Lorna Reynolds

We were there on Friday March 29th. We had an amazing time investigating and we are so looking forward to coming back!!!
Thank you Sharon!!!
Kimberly Bancale-Moore

Love RHA!!!
Dawn Hess-Hoffman

Been there 5 times.  Never disapoints
George Hoffman

Just finished up a two night investigation at this amazing place. Thanks again Sharon for everything you do.
Sal & Jen Barbieri

The Ghost Gathering is really looking forward to our ghost hunt in July....thank you for the opportunity!
Nancy Van Ess-Umstead

Can't wait for March 23rd! This is my birthday present!
Steve Dailey

I'm taking my mother and my brother here on March the 23rd for their birthday!!!!  Can't wait to explore and come home with evidence to shut up all the skeptics I know in my life!! Lol  -  SOOOO EXCITED!!!
Stephanie Bauza 

I loved investigating Rolling Hills.  Miss you guys!
Cheryl Wittmann

Been to RHA about 8 times. A truly amazing place with a warm and friendly owner. Well worth the 6 hour drive to get there. Never left there without any experience to speak of.
Sal & Jen Barbieri

I just wanted to say that I really love how much you care for Rolling Hills Asylum and I appreciate all of the updates on FB.  I hope that one day I'll be able to visit there as it's a place that I have a lot of respect for. Thank you for always keeping us posted and for putting so much time and love into this place.
Haullie Volker

Stopping by to leave my love and support. :)
Dawn Short

Last night on Coast to Coast radio program w/ George Noorey on WHAM1180, had Dave Schrader (Darkness Radio) on as guest.  When asked by George where was the scariest place he had ever visited,  Dave said hands down....ROLLING HILLS ASYLUM in E. Bethany NY!!!
Colleen M. Willis

Hubby and I went there in August and I took a photo in the kitchen and caught an orb over the stoves..;) May be nothing but may be something.. it was awesome!!
Lori Swanson

Good activity in the shadow hallway tonight. Jack slammed the door for us and some shadows flitted out of rooms. And as we walked away someone was talking about us behind our backs. Thanks for having us RHA!
Will be back really soon.
Ryan McAdoo and Kristen Booth

Thank you for your friendship Sharon! I had such an incredible time when I toured RHA in September. Its wonderful that you are working so hard to preserve this historical structure. Your passion is incredible and I wish you continued luck on the preservation of it along with the ghost tours. I cannot wait until my next visit during the summer 2013. Happy Holidays!
Heather Michelle Riddle

Happy hunting!
The Para-Hunter

Hi Sharon, We will plan an investigation next spring. Best of luck in your preservation efforts! We know how difficult it can be!
Keltic Energy Paranormal Research and Investigation

Dear Sharon and team, Thankyou so much for the wonderful experience of my first ghost hunt! I learned so much about the history of our area and the former and present residense of Rolloing Hills. It wasn't a scary in your face experience it was done with respect and dignity for the ghost dwellers of Rolling Hills we were in there home. Thankyou again and I hope to see you soon!
Barbara, Kelly Draper's mom

I just got a chance to look at your photos and listen to your EVP's really great work wish I was able to visit Good Luck with all your future work

I am looking forward to visiting soon as I am trying to organize a private tour. I'll admit I am a skeptic as I have never really had any paranormal experiences, but truly hope that a visit to RHA will change that.
John Carpenter

Had a great ghost hunt last night! Totally gonna do it again!
Jessica Mattison

Tonight was awesome! Thanks for having us!
Sherri Renee Lavigne

This was one of the best investigation experiences I've had!
Michael Shongo

Thank you so much for a great night of investigating last night, Sharon! Had lots and lots of activity!
Nicole Edwards Friesema

A big thanks to Sharon and her crew. RHA is awesome!
Brenda M.  Smelski

I went to the Haunting of RHA Halloween event  for the first time and loved it!  While i was in there I had a real paranormal experience of my own!! Wanted to say great job to all that makes this happen, can't wait to come back for a Flashlight tour!
Jessica Hammer

CONGRATS ON THE FX PROMO!! American Horror Story: Asylum!!
Tim Nowak

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful tour on 9/6/12. You did an amazing job explaining the history and your compassionate nature and dedication in preserving this historical site really moved me. I know you are incredibly busy, but wanted to take the time to thank you. Cannot wait to come back next year for an 8 hour tour!
Heather Michelle Riddle

Tina Marple

Spent a night at The Official Rolling Hills Asylum. It was awesome. Go in skeptical and then you'll be told off by ghosts. Can't believe what I witnessed!
Isys Garcia

Sharon,  I just want to say I had an AMAZING time last night at the four hour Detained tour. We had a bunch of interesting experiences and most definitely will be returning.  And... I told ALL my friends too ;)
Thank you again.
Judith Rohrback

 I came to a tour last Halloween (2011) and I will deffinately be returning. Had my rosary break amd fall off of my neck into my hands in the mourge and saw the rocking horse shake vigourously in the christmas room. Scary place!

Thank you, Sharon,  for a wonderful time at RHA. We are already planning a return trip, even thought it's about 8 hours out there from here in VT.  It was great!
Fred Woodworth

Thank You Sharon, for a most awesome tour and our lock down last night!!!! You rock!!!
Dawn Hess-Hoffman

Had such a great time on the ghost hunt on 9/6/12. Got some great pics Sharon, and thoroughly enjoyed the time spent there!
Heather Michelle Riddle

You're right, this place looks amazing! I have to come visit you soon!
 Steve Farley

Thanks for a great time last night Sharon, can't wait to come back!!!
Ruth Tegge 

Hey Sharon. Was there last night for the 4 hr ghost hunt. It was a great time and did not disappoint. Got a few EVP's, some photos of orbs, saw shadow people. It was a blast and we will definitely be coming back.
Jim Lanphere

Thanks for the great Flashlight tour this evening! I wanted to let you know that on the way home we were listening to my sister's audio recording (cassette!) and we were surprised with a couple of voices. The first was when you were talking about the Italian gentleman and the one girl said (in Italian) what her name was and asked what his name was, and we heard a man's voice say "como?" By the way, we all screamed when we heard it - it was very articulate. We also heard, at the very end, when you were leading us back to the green room, a woman's voice say, "Richard." Was there a Richard on our tour? We will be back. Thanks, Sharon and the crew!  Via RHA Mngt: RHA checked records, no one named Richard was on the tour.
Michelle Gore Berger

We had an awesome time during our investigation last night and had amazing experiences!! Thank you so much!! We'll be back soon!
Lucy Herbert

I just wanted to say what a great time we had there on Thursday night for the teen hunt.  My daughter had a fantastic first ghost hunt experience, and already wants to know when we are going back. It was terrific meeting you, Sharon!
Pauline Farquhar-Georgie

Pauline Farquhar-Georgie
Hi Sharon,
I just wanted to say what a great time we had there on Thursday night for the teen hunt. My daughter had a fantastic first ghost hunt experience, and already wants to know when we are going back. It was terrific meeting you!

Had a lot of fun at ParaFest 2012!
DJ Cy-Fi

Rich Rozell, The Investigator's Corner

Sharon THANKS for everything! The Quarantined Investigation (and the tour) was FANTASTIC!!!! Really enjoyed my first personal experience in Nurse Emma's Room (Rich R) and can't wait until we review evidence and find out what else we found... THANKS again!
Coal Region Paranormal Team - CRPT

We are planning a visit and love this activity completely. We cant wait to meet everyone!
Duane M.

Soooo glad we had such a great night on Saturday! Can't wait for Pam (in our group) to post the recordings, we heard so much! Thanks for a great night Sharon!
Renee McCarey

I lived right on the Bethany Center Road in East Bethany in the late 50's and early 60's--never knew the place was haunted, of course back then it was still the Genesee County Home. I did visit once, with one of my foster brothers, who used to work at the home--it looked kind of spooky then, but I didn't think too much about it. I think it's great you bought the place--hopefully someday I'll get to visit, I'm into paranormal stuff!!!!!!!
Robert Hutton

Oh, I can't wait to check this place out.. It's on my bucket list for late next year!!
Gina Rene Ferguson

Thank you Sharon! I had a great time!
Pam Brewer

I'm constantly trying to figure out ways to get back inside of the walls of Rolling Hills Asylum.
Thursday Paine

I loved my time here and plan to go back!
Ami Estes

Now that most of my team has passports, I think we will have to book a tour.  I've heard some great stories!
Dennis Claveau

Many thanks to Sharon for opening up her home (RHA) to our group on Saturday night! We saw first hand your love & devotion to Rolling Hills. Thank you again for an amazing experience!
Karen Rose

Had to write more on my Rolling Hills experience! An old hand held school bell is on the desk in the classroom. Its reported that it rings. When we were sitting there we heard 1 ding. I picked up the bell and hit the pendulum once on the side..same sound! About 5 minutes later it dinged again and then about 10 minutes after that. The bell is flat on the way the pendulum can air underneath! You had to be there, hear and experience it. IT WAS THE BELL!!! NO DOUBT! The place has spirits! Go check it out!
Patrick McCarthy

I am so exited  for tonight!  
Steve Bachman

I seriously have dreams about Rollling Hills all the time..... I think that means we need to come back! I can't wait .... Very soon!
Kristy Nicole

Love this place!
Onyx Siniard 

This place is great for anyone who's a skeptic. I saw some incredible stuff there!
Mary Snell 

Love this place!!!!
Liza Stothers

We had an amazing time last night on the Teen hunt.  The kids were in awe with the activity.  Sharon, you were wonderful as always. Every time we go we learn and see something new. Great place to go.  Looking forward to going again. Thanks again Sharon...
Jessica Kamm

Hi Sharon, my Uncle (Paul Hicks) and I are coming for a visit again this Friday... we cant wait to see you!  Hopefully we will get some good stuff again like last time! See you then! :)
Justin Keller

What seemed to have "lacked" in activity last night, I sure did get some INCREDIBLE evidence in pictures! I will post soon. My best yet - in succession of taking pictures of the outside.....Person in window w/bright colored orbs, then curtain open (no person), then the curtain closed w/ bright colored orbs. Same window, taken about less than 30 secs apart.  Amazing!
Barbara Ann

I experienced something I never thought I would ever see. Awsome experience.
Mary Lynn Beilein

I have it on my recorder too!!!!!! ("someones birthday, Happy Birthday" - see below comment) Very cool!!!!! Miss the place already!
Heather Marie

Really really cool. Just listened back to my recording in Roy's library during his birthday party. Very clear from your Frank's Box..."someones birthday, Happy Birthday" Awesome, can't wait to come back!
Sean Snyder

Looking sooooo forward to the sold-out St. Patrick's Day with the RHA inhabitants!
I call 1st dibs on shadow hallway!!! :)
Patrick McCarthy

Hello everyone i am on my way into town and will be taking the historical tour on Sunday with a friend and I can't wait!  I hope to experience lots of eerie things while we're there!
Jennifer Everingham

Thanks for including me in the celebration and granting me the honor blowing out Roy's 122nd birthday candles! Thank you Roy for following suit with the glow stick. Amazing experience as always. Thank you Sharon. Hope we can visit again VERY soon.
Sean Snyder

Thank you Sharon, RHA is truly extraordinary every time!!!
Heather Marie

We had a great time this weekend!!!! Thank You so much! Got some are pretty interesting pictures... Thanks again and we will definitely see you again soon.
Charlotte McDonald

Had the most amazing time there... just incredible... thank you for everything, you guys are just awesome, will never forget it!!!!!!
Jennifer Parfitt-Matre

For those that like the creepy..Check out this place !!
Sandra Braccioforte

This place is awesome. It is everything and more of what Sharon says it is! My skeptical husband finally got some ghostie action and he liked it!
Debby Decker

Hi!  I'm hoping that one day I can and will come visit. I don't know when, but I hope someday, sometime I will.

Carrie Kane
Sharon, we crazy canadians wanted to thank you so much for opening up on Friday! We had a great time and captured some awesome pics! We will be back again for sure. We posted several pics on our site (its a work in progress but the pics are up) if you get some time to check them out, some interesting stuff!

Thank you for another amazing experience this past weekend! Always a pleasure to see you. Already looking forward to our next trip. See you soon. Thanks again!
Sean Snyder

The Crew at Project White Paper wishes Rolling Hills an awesome Anniversary! It is a historical reference to so much of our past and through the efforts of remains one of the best places to visit! Investigators to historians....Rolling Hills could not offer more!!!! We were caught up by the historical facts, personal stories, active phenomena and even the time in which it was used! Fascinating!!!!! Great job Sharon and many more years!!!!! :)
Michael Rambacher and Chase Kloetzke
Project White Paper UFO/Paranormal Radio

Can't wait til we come back! Got great EVP'S and photo's. Too many personal experiences to list!
John Kinney

Happy Hoildays from PXP! What an awesome time we had at your location for Paranormal Challenge this year!!!
Paranormal Xpeditions - xoxo

We had a good time at Rolling Hills Saturday night. Loved how George liked hearing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!  I knew someone out there appreciated my singing.......
Philip Gibson

Happy Holidays from PXP!!! What a great year it has been and what a GREAT EVP we caught at Rolling Hills this year!!! If you haven't gone here, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!
xoxo PXP - Paranormal Xpeditions

Still going through all the evidence but we found some really amazing stuff, as usual, so far.  Hope to make our way back up there soon... we all miss it and working with you sooooooo much!
Kim Maltas- Director, NPRS (Norwalk Paranormal Research Society)

Sharon, not sure if you remember me. I brought my sister Denine (and the rest of my sisters and daughter) to Rolling Hills for Denine's wish on her bucket list. I just had to remark what a incredible, once in a life time experience we all had. I managed to capture on camera, lighting from the outside in red coming from windows, orbs in many pictures, etc... I will have to send you copies. The voices and the shadow people that we experienced was so breathtaking and made those with me that may not of been believers into believers. Myself and 2 of my sisters have always had the ability to see and talk with certain family members and can feel certain things in certain places we later find out something happened there. So visiting Rolling Hills confirmed to us that we are not the only ones that can see and/or hear these souls. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!
Debbie McCaffery  

Got tickets for tomorrow nite. Tell Raymond I'm coming to see him. I love the tunnel!
Brad Mack

Definitely coming for a tour! Drove by the other day and took some very interesting pictures. I'm a believer!
Kristy Galbally

My group and I are a planing and over night Quarantined Hunt and I'm excited -  we cant wait!
Katie Blake

My wife and I attended last night, and I just want to say thank you for making it such a great experience!! Your dedication to the place and courteousness to us was impressive! :)
Adam Goraj

Thank you, Sharon,  for the great time last night. It was our 1st time coming to Rolling Hills, but will not be our last.  All of us had a blast.
Terri Thomas-Krzyzanowski

My friends and I were at the hunt last night and we got a ton of stuff in our videos!  It was a great time and we're really glad we came!
Brian Sprague

Was just in my basement at home and felt something rush past me and all I could think (combined with that old building smell of course) was how much I miss RHA. Wasn't there too long ago but there's something about it that sets it apart from the rest. Truly feel a connection to Rolling Hills that I can't explain! Thanks for the wonderful and very creepy memories from both our trips there Sharon! Hope we can come back very soon! 
Kim Maltas, Director-NPRS

We had a blast Sharon! We'll be back! It was an outstanding night, so much action! And yes, your volunteers rocked!
Dawn Hess-Hoffman 

Sharron, thank you for a great tour this afternoon. We learned a lot which should be a big help next  Saturday night  for the lock down. You are really a part of this building. Thank you for watching over these spirits. See you next week!
George Hoffman

NPRS had a great second trip to RHA! Lots of activity as usual. Tons of evidence to analyze but all in all another success, hope to return again next year! {Sharon: I know you worry about groups driving long distances after a trip so just an FYI: we all made it back to CT in one piece :) }
Kim Maltas

Rachel Tina Danielle - Ladies of PXP xoxo

We had a great time and had a couple of experiences.
Theresa Marie Bailey

Sharon, thank you so much for your kindness on Saturday! I really enjoyed investigating and getting to talk to you. You rock. :)
Audrey Bess

Had a great hunt Thursday night. Finally finished listening to the recordings and we captured numerous EVP's. We definitely recommend this place to anyone interested in the paranormal. It was a hot bed of activity for us! We will definitely be back next time we make it up to Yankee territory ;-)
Sharion Ashlock Marotta

Can't wait to come back, I love this place!
Joey Liccione

A member of our group, 5th Dimension Paranormal Investigators, received one of the best pieces of paranormal evidence to date at Rolling Hills Asylum back in November 2010.
Anthony Agate

Keep meaning to say thank you for an amazing time. We were at Rolling Hills on Friday the 13th and had an absolute blast! Got a pretty serious Jonesing going now, and can't wait to get back. Thanks again, hope to see you REAL soon!
Sean Snyder

The ladies of Celestial Spirit Investigators would like to say Thank you for the opportunity for us to investigate Rolling Hills. We had an amazing night! had about 45 minute K2 session in the shock therapy room and the most EXCITING part of the evening was we turned on the phantom of the opera and low and behold out came Roy. he was wonderful to see him swaying back and forth to the music. We will be visiting again.
Celestial Spirit Investigators

I will be coming on 6/10/11 for the investigation and cant wait! This will b my first trip to RHA and more to come. It should definitely be worth my 5 hour drive one way from EDHEWOOD, MARYLAND!
Jason Phillips

THIS IS AN AWESOME PLACE TO VISIT!!! New England GHOST just completed an investigation here. We are JUST starting to do evidence review and already have amazing footage! We will be reviewing and putting evidence on our website. Thanks SO much Sharon for all you do! See you soon, we will be back MANY times!
Aimee, founder of NEG - New England GHOST

Thanks for having WPPI out this weekend. We all had a great time and will send you any evidence that we capture! Thanks again!
Don Garrett

Sharon Sam Granger-Brady

Never been yet, but cant wait to go!
Jason Phillips

Just want to give a big Kudos to Sharon and her gang for all you have done to Rolling Hills since you started. The building looks Awesome every time I go there.
Kris Caswell

I was here in 2006 and it was amazing. We would love to come in and investigate soon. Nothing but the best at Rolling Hills!
Dustin Burleigh, Hands of Time

OooooOOOOoooooo I want to go here!
Loretta Stradley

I'm so glad you reopened the Asylum! I'm coming for a tour!
Donna Clausen

Best wishes and hello to all who linger amongst the living
Darlene Werth

We had a great time this weekend investigating The Official Rolling Hills Asylum with the Ghost Hunters International team. We made confirmed contact with multiple spirits whom manipulated flashlights on cue exactly as we requested they do for about 45 minutes. We saw an apparition and in addition Eric performed an experiment at the request of GHI leader Barry Fitzgerald for a group of 3 dozen people.
Eric Goldberg & Dan Tanaka, EPIC
Extreme Paranormal Investigators Consortium, Incorporated

The Ghost Hunters International event at Rolling Hills Asylum was full of great people, great times & some blood curdling screams! A huge thanks to Lead Scientist, Bill Murphy, and the GHI team Barry Fitzgerald, Britt Griffith, Paul Bradford, Kris Williams, Joe Chin, Susan Slaughter as well as the phenomenal Chip Coffey, Scotty Roberts and my mentor Aaron Sagers. Seriously! ;)
Christiane Elin, Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files Fans

I would like to thank Sharon for an amazing tour (the  December 30th)!
It was truly spectacular and when I am in the area again, I will be sure to visit! I'm hoping Elizabeth won't be as shy around me next time. :)
Happy New Year!
Tyler Barnes

I watch Ghost Adventures a lot. I've done some of my own investigations and loved watching the show the other night. I hope to visit the RHA sometime to check it out.
Nicole Hubbard

Thanks to Sharon  for another great (but cold) night at RHA!
Craig Loucks

Loved the visit!
Keith Thayer

My wife and I will be joining the hunt in Jan with GHI ... We can't wait!
Scott Nash, Momentum Paranormal

I went November 11th and RHA didn't disappoint!  We heard footsteeps behind us, we heard a woman scream, and we made contact with Elizabeth with a flashlight!  We asked her questions and she would answer them by turning the flashlight on!  Thanks so much, I cant wait to come back, but this time I want to come for the 8 hour hunt!!!!!!!!!!
John Widmer

Thanks for the great hunt on Sunday night! We experienced a lot in just the 4 hours that we were there! A nice way to start my birthday!
Deb Morrow Moltrup

My husband and I had a great time investigating last night!  Thanks again!
Stefanie Wheeler Thurst

Thanks Sharon and all the other RHA staff for a great weekend! Looking forward to the next big event!
Anne Livesay Jewell

Can't wait to go Nov 5th! I've had many amazing experiences here and some pretty cool evidence!
Mercedes Murray

Went to Historical tour, it was worth every cent we spent!! Can't wait to do an investigations...your staff is awesome!! Thanks for re-opening this phenomenal place!!!
John Kinney, O.W.L. Paranormal

Wow. Sharon. I was so excited to come and see your property and meet some of your special friends. It was an experience unlike anything Ive ever done. Its only been 4 days since my trip to RHA and I can not get back there quick enough. I dream of nothing but the hospital now. All my thoughts revolve it. I hope finances allow for a trip before winter sets in. Tell our friends thank you for me please. What you are doing is a wonderful thing. Dont ever stop. Hope to see you soon.
With love, Kendra Butler

Lol, amazing I grew up on raymond road and I had no idea! Always just called this place the Carriage Village!

Want to thanks Sharon and her crew, Rolling Hill was my first Paranormal Investigation, could not have picked a better place. The place is clean, and extremly active, Was in for the night with Scott Morrow's team. Tell Curt I said thanks for the history and the help. and also when you hear from Roy, tell him I will be back for another dance :) he will know what I mean....
Patty Tracy

Hi Sharon, I am so excited about helping out with the tours and about the Halloween conference!! You are the best!! I love coming out to Rolling Hills, you always make everyone feel right at home, especially the spirits!
Kathy Chechak

What an awesome and informative site! Great work!
Tina Hansen, Whispers of the Past'

We had many encounters here. Really fun!
Zak Bagans and Crew

I am hoping to be there for the captive tour October 16th for my first real ghost hunt, cant wait.. Will be making the 5 hour trip!  Hope to see you then! 
Tammy Holcolmb

 I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Rolling Hills Asylum on Saturday the 18th. I could not believe I saw so many apparitions. Sharon, you obviously are doing something right to make the "residents" stay.  You seem to care for the spirits in your charge and I think that will keep things positive and active for us all...Thanks again...and to all the para enthusiasts, please go, it is a great spot in a nice country setting.
Patricia Adams

The ghost hunt Friday night was great, still viewing all my footage, found a couple things so far.
Timothy Szul

If you haven't been to Rolling Hills yet go now! If you have gone, go again! Sharon and the team are awesome and always make sure that you are comfortable no matter what your experience level is. The place is amazing!
Joel Hiscutt

Hey Sharon I'm so proud of you your doing so well, haven't been there in a couple years but hoping to get there soon, sending you all my love and wishing you the best!!!!
Jon Lento

What a great time at the Teen Hunt last night. It was so much fun! I loved meeting all of you - parents and girls. I can't believe the girls hadn't ever investigated before; they simply fell into it like they'd been doing it forever! Seriously, how cool are your parents to bring you to an event like that?!
Kathy M.

I can't wait to schedule my trip to Rolling Hills Asylum! I hear only great things about it! ♥
Kristen Nigro

Hey Sharon! Our visit to RHA was amazing, we just got done going over nine hours of audio, and when you said EVP's were in abundance there you were not kidding! Can't wait to come back! Maybe this time we will do a Quarantined!
Russ Felix Stiver

Just want to say thank you to Sharon for being such a gracious host. We had a great time at Rolling Hills Asylum last night. We will let you know the results of our findings, lots to review. Thanks again for a great night!
Ken Stiver

We (TMPRG) would love to pay you all a visit and have sent an e-mail regarding the memorial stones program.  We hope to hear from someone soon!  :)  Good fortune to you on your endeavor! Give us a call sometime!
Dave Costello, Founder, TMPRG

If you have not gone to Rolling Hills, please do so. Sharon was very gracious in helping our group of beginners get set up and showing us the ins and the outs of ghost hunting. A big thank you to Sharon and her friend Vickie (Harbor Area Paranormal) for helping us and providing us with a great time.
Joel Hiscuitt

Had the pleasure of investigating Rolling Hills last night for 8 hours. I didn't want to leave! Thank you Sharon and Vicky (Harbor Area Paranormal)  for helping us out. I had a blast and I cannot wait to go again!!
Timotej Ondrej

I can't wait to come back! Thanks for the time you spent with us, Sharon! ♥
Kelly Maloy Draper  

Visited Rolling Hills twice...first time in 2008, had such a great investigation had to go back the following year (2009)! Got great evps from this place!  Can't wait to come back again!
Michele Snow

 I used to drive my it all the time when I was kid and i thought it looked really cool and haunted looking and then I found out it was haunted and found out the history behind it. I am definately glad it is re opening I will definitely visit.
Justin Mastowski

I love your site. Awesome puppy and cat! I hope to visit.
Shane, Apparition Research

I would love to get some friends and check it out. Hopefully in September.
Tina Cote

I am so happy to see that Rolling Hill is open again. I have investiagted there many times in the past and have some amazing expierences along with evidence to back it up. Can't wait to get back!
Tricia Dix

Would love to check out your location if opportunity presents itself. California Omni Paranormal Society

Looks like a very cool place to investigate . maybe we will check it out.
I'm glad it is back open to investigate.
Peter Kanellis, Ghost Hunters of the Finger Lakes

Thanks for having us for our hunt last night! I am definitely coming back, and I will bring my husband.
Barbara Ann

Hi Sharon, although our paths have not met as of yet I wish you the best of luck with the re-opening on Rolling Hills.
Jeff Ostrander

Was there on Memorial Day weekend (Sat). Had a great time and can't wait to come back!
Cathe Montgomery Bruno

Another great night over at The Official Rolling Hills Asylum!!!!! We had shadows, light anomalies, and someone even got a good shove in the back!! This place is GREAT and everyone should check it out!!!
Paranormal Investigators of New York (P.I.N.Y.)

I love you Sharon!
Stacey Jones

Wow Sharon. I am awed by your drive, energy, passion and zeal!!. Darn girl, I'm your cousin--why didn't I get those ambitious genes? I just might get an urge to come north for a short while--never know. Good Luck in your exciting endeavor. Love to you. 
Jeanne Thompson

I would love to come in during the day and take a tour, i remember going there as a child.
Jessica Best-Peterson

I cannot wait to come back! I was there with the Taps Ghost Hunters in 07, and on my own in 09 before the close. CANNOT WAIT to come back to see it renovated!
Kris Caswell

You are doing a great thing. Thank you for being you.
Scott Gruenwald

I love Rolling Hills. A group of us went and did a ghost hunt on Halloween, after seeing the TAPS team there! We got some great photos, and I saw a shadow person! We had a great time and we are very happy you are pulling the place back together!! We will be back soon!

Congratulations on your purchase and re-opening of Rolling Hills! There have been many people both from within our team as well as from the public inquiring about whether we have heard any news of the facility re-opening it's doors to paranormal investigations and I am happy to be responding with a "yes!" We look forward to hearing / seeing any new evidence captured there and are looking forward to scheduling another private investigation with our team in the near future if possible. Take Care and Good Luck! Carrie Kerns, Co-founder and Lead investigator
CT Paranormal Encounters and Research (CPEAR)

Went on a ghost hunt here. CREEPY place!!
Julie Cutitta Boneberg

Very cool that the place is being kept open!!!
Bob Jams

Sharon, Congrats on the new opening! We wish you much success with everything you do! We are very excited about doing more investigations in this wonderful historical site. See you soon and happy hunting!
Spirits And Things

Soooo happy to know that RH still exists!!! And, I'm sure all the spirits are too!
Brian Eastman 

Thanks Sharon for being a great hostess!
Caroline Pontante Lamie

It was a pleasure meeting your today, Sharon.

Hello all, very excited to get down to Rolling Hills!! I have been there once and drawn there to it ever since..... A place i have seen in my dreams....
Mike Hunsinger

I want to thank you for saving Rolling Hills, this Historical Gem has been a beacon not only for paranormal investigators, but for anyone striving to preserve our Historical Legacy in the WNY area. As a Literary contributer to the New England Society for Psychic Research (Lorraine Warren), my feelings run very deep for RH, and want to thank you for making this possible.
Greg Hoffman

Thank you very much Sharon (& TIki) for your time, hard work and dedication to this amazing location! Looking forward to visiting you. Peace. Love. Best wishes always!
Victoria K.- photographer

Planning to come to the area for fall folage, visit with friends and to continue our research..
Port City Paranormal

It's great to see this gem opening back up! It'll be great to get back in there to do another investigation. Condrads! All the best!

Congrats on everything, the site is wonderful, and the future plans have all of us in the community very excited! All of us at the Hillside Inn are looking forward to seeing you again, and to meet the rest of your team!
Chef Bobby

Hey Sharon! Congrats!
Jamie Niziol

I'm so excited. I cant wait for april to come! :)
Ashley Wells

I wish you much success in your new business venture. Rolling Hills is a historical gem and we are looking forward to visiting again to investigate.
Sherri Pizzo

Congratulations!! Looking forward to visiting your new property.
Much Success.
Francisco Mercado

I am so glad somebody is reopening Rolling Hills. Cannot wait to go back and visit all the shadow people. I wish the new owners great success.
Donna Zende

Have I mentioned how happy I am to see the most amazing building about to be up and running again? No? Well I AM!!!!!
Peg Kozak

I was sad to hear that it was closing, but so happy to hear that it's been reopened. I've investigated at Rolling Hills on 3 occasions, and each time was very enjoyable and exciting (the first place I ever investigated)! Great place for investigations and would encourage anyone interested in this type of "hobby" to do it! Good luck!
Scott Felger

Congrats to the new owner, I am sure you had your work cut out for you.  

Hi, Sharon. interested in taking any classes you are going to offer. can't wait to meet you!
Kelly Draper

Great to hear RH will be back up and running! =)
Jessica Caplick

Very happy to hear it's opening again. Can't wait to come back!
Jessica Cambier

I would love to visit Rolling Hills ASYLUM
Suzzane Shendenhelm

One day i will be there.! This looks like something i just have to do!
Andrea Aguirre

Thank you for taking over Rolling Hills it a wonderous place, that i have to say. When it closed, so many of us felt a great loss, so a big thank you for keeping the spirits happy, and all us Rolling Hills fans too.
Gloria Bongers

Congratulations as the new owner of RHA. Can't wait till things get up and going.
Vicki Reuben

Love this place!!!!!!!!!  I had so much fun investigating there!
Tracy Pond

Great to see that the door will be back open! Can't wait to come for a visit!
Barb, Co-Founder WNYRIP

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